Candle Seconds - Chefs Candle Second

Was $34.50, Now $17.25

A practical and innovative candle that has gained enormous media exposure due to it being a fabulous gift for all - not just for Chefs!

Our best selling product and the original New Zealand Made version. The Chefs Candle helps to eliminate unwanted cooking odours. Made with a unique blend of fresh fragrances including herbs, lemon and vanilla, the candle works not by masking the air with another fragrance, but by neutralising the odors. Perfect to use when you're cooking curries, fish, roasts, onions, and any other cooking smells that you don't want lingering on.

Someone used the wrong type of soy wax in this batch. These seconds still smell just as good but just don't burn quite as well as the full priced versions. At half the normal price they are excellent value for money!

9cm x 6cm - burns for up to 30 hours.

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